This year we will introduce ourselves to you with our traditional singing and music.

See you on March 31, 2023. at 8 p.m. in the Army House. Entry is free !


55 years of excistance jubilee and art performance, will be celebrated on 04.02.2023. in theatre Madleniaum. Concert will start at 20h.

Tickets are on sale ! See you there !

End of the year

We will celebrate the end of the year and the end of the jubilee 55th half-season, with guests and concerts that will last for 3 days !

Tickets are for sale every working day from 18:00 pm in the rooms of ensemble at the price of 400 dinars.

Welcome and see you at the concerts !


We are proud to announce that on 06.08.2022. at 6 p.m. we perform in Guca, at the 61st Dragacevski sabor of trumpeters.

Come and enjoy the program, see you soon!


Great work, nurturing true values and not giving up… and someone recognized that !

IN THREE DAYS, WE ARE GOING ON A TOUR THROUGH EUROPE, as part of the Cultural Caravan with famous artists from Serbia.

Thank you Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region, as well as the Ministry of Culture on this great occasion.


The end of the season we celebrate with friends from ANIP Branko Krsmanovic, KUD Djoka Pavlovic, KUD Koreni, KUD Zeleznicar and Euromedik System foklore recreational group.

Choose one or all concert and come finish the season together. All our gorups and all our members will be introduced to you.


The premiere program consists of choreographies, whose authors are artists of the ensemble “Kolo”. Decades of experience of 15 authors, professional players, singers and musicians, together with the talent and energy of young artists of Koturović ensemble, are the perfect combination that will take you “ABOE THE GAME”.

Two concerts => May 20th Vlada Divljan stage (preview) and May 30th Rasa Plaovic stage, National Theater (premiere) !

Tickets can be bought at concerts stages !

Three years after the last singing concert, here we are again. We couldn’t say exactly with the new hits, because it’s traditional music, but certainly with the new repertoire. In addition to the female and male group of singers, this time our orchestra will present itself to you.

Free entry !


25.02.2022. friends from AKUD Lola are coming to visit us. As one of the largest ensembles of this city, which has marked the cultural life of Belgrade in the last 78 years, they will help us to remind you how the former amateurism in folklore looked, both on stage and rehearsals as well as at parties.

Through a series of concerts, called KotART, we will try to remind and return the old, good spirit of Belgrade amateurism to the form that of few years ago, decades… At that time ensembles hung out, shared scenes, big and small, exchanged energy, experiences and artistic expression. This is second concert in ad row, where you will see only a part of our socializing, and of course you are invited to join our rehearsals as well as the party afterwards.

We are expecting you !


During this month, we will hold a series of final concerts for you, where we will host many friends, just to try to make up for the previous time, when we did not “see each other on the stage”.

So this Friday (June 18.2021.), our guests will be KUD Đoka Pavlovic and KUD Branko Cvetkovic. You will be introduced to the first three performing ensembles.

Provide tickets on time at the Rakovica Centre for Culture and Education !


We will hold a series of concerts in our house, the Center for culture and education Rakovica, in May, called “A step further”. The symbolism of this name means that, after patiently waiting, we have decided that even in these newly created conditions, disastrous for art, culture and stage performances, we will continue, very carefully and slowly. Each concert will be held in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, in order to ensure the safety of each participant, as well as the audience. So we ask the audience to respect these measures, we certainly will.

Returning to the stage is a big step for our house <3